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May 2021

Should we return to traditional learning?

One of the main takeaways of the COVID pandemic has been that online learning is more than a viable alternative. It’s an effective learning tool that just makes too much sense to leave out of our traditional educational systems And… Continue Reading →

Living Off Campus

Dorm living can be fun, but in my experience here it’s not for everyone. As we progress through our university career, there often comes a time when one might want to start considering off-campus housing. Living on campus offers students… Continue Reading →

Improving the Education System with Gaming

Video games are not generally thought of as anything more serious than a recreational hobby, even despite many people building successful careers in gaming, for many years now. Video games engage the user in a way that is both interactive… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Brexit on US-UK Relations

The US-UK relationship has been through peaks and valleys since the 1940s. The UK essentially sees its relationship with the US as one of the keystones of British foreign policy, and the US has long had the UK at its… Continue Reading →

Beauty and Power: Analysis of protein synthesis in human bodies

As an undergraduate I’ve had the privilege of watching an eminent and established researcher up close (a friend of my relatives). They’ve studied protein synthesis in the human body for some years now, and we’ve seen the world blow up… Continue Reading →

The Limits of Remote Work

It has been over a year since COVID-19 changed the way the world defines work. We tumbled out of our offices and back into our homes, set up workstations there, and became our very own islands of productivity. As remote… Continue Reading →

Sitting out COVID

I think we’re all aware that people are going more than a little cabin crazy due to the long periods of COVID-prompted lockdown. Studying while in lockdown, I’ve noticed that a much higher percentage of my diet has become ice… Continue Reading →

Vicarious Self-Care Through Pet Care

A few famous studies have found that we are consistently better at administering medicine to a sick pet or companion animal, than we are at administering medicine to ourselves. In many cases, the (human) medicine is life-saving, and completely understood… Continue Reading →

Finding Role Models

Despite being the highly evolved homo-sapiens that we are, as humans we still constantly seem to emulate that which we seek to become. For this reason, we are always looking for examples of what we want to be and we… Continue Reading →

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