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April 2021

Collagen Supplements and the Potential of Biotech

We often talk about the negative effects of technology – inequity, job losses and implicit bias in algorithms. These are real issues that need to be discussed, but equally, we should not forget the positive effects technology is having on… Continue Reading →

Putting a Price on a Business

One of the most useful skills I’ve learned at college so far is the ability to quickly estimate the value of a business, or at least to have some idea of whether a valuation is correct. This is important in… Continue Reading →

Mental Stress, Sedentary Life and Hormones

If you find yourself stuck behind a desk or seated in the car for much of your week, you’re not alone. Thanks to the latest technological advancements and our modern lifestyle, people across the world are more inactive than ever…. Continue Reading →

Fake News and Snake Oil

For the sake of simplifying our analysis, let’s divide the world into two halves: the trustworthy and the fraudsters. While it’s true that dividing the world cleanly in half is never accurate, it’s certainly a helpful lens to use when… Continue Reading →

Privacy: More Important Than Ever

The internet has spearheaded a complete overhaul in the way we live our lives. In many ways, our quality of life has undoubtedly increased. However, it has been at the cost of a loss of freedom in many areas. Inequality… Continue Reading →

The Changing Tide of Career Choices

Introduction In the past, specifically, before the advent of new technologies like the internet, people made a few big decisions in their life, and those decisions steered the course of their entire life, for decades. In this article, we look… Continue Reading →

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