Ceramics and Starstuff: Setting the Table for Mindful Meals

ceramics on table with flowers

Ceramics and Starstuff: Setting the Table for Mindful Meals – Stella Sekoff

This ceramic tableware set is an artistic rendering of the Balmer series of the hydrogen emission spectrum. These four wavelengths are visible to the human eye, and were therefore the easiest to focus on depicting. I focused on the motif of rings to represent the cyclical nature of celestial matter, specifically the life cycle of stars. Hydrogen is a simple element, having just one proton and one electron, but since its conception in the Big Bang, has served as the building block for everything we see today. When a star is massive enough, it will end its life in a dramatic supernova explosion, and in doing so, creates myriad natural elements. From the remanence of the destruction, new stars can form. Without this process, there could be no life. My intention in creating this art was to have people sit down, eat mindfully, and be reminded, even in a subtle way, of our interconnectedness. If people can sit down together for a meal, look at their plate, and be reminded that we are all, on an elemental level, the same, hopefully that can spark conversation and connection. Similarly, I hope that these pieces give a sense of perspective. It can be easy to get caught up in the small annoyances and stresses of our personal lives, but when we are reminded that the universe is grand and expansive, and that we are but a small part of it, we can see things more clearly. When people sit down to eat with my tableware, I hope they consider the science, enjoy the art, and feed their body, mind, and spirit.