The Duality of Perception


The Duality of Perception – Kijana Richmond

“The Duality of Perception” navigates the twofold nature of particles and waves in quantum mechanics while also exploring Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Essentially, every quantum entity may be described not only as a particle but also as a wave, and this concept expresses the inability of classical physics to fully describe the nature of quantum-scale objects. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle describes the complementary relationship between a particle’s position probability and momentum probability and the limits of precision to which they can be determined. Simply, more precise the position of a particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known and vice versa. I chose to represent my project through this medium because of a sculpture’s relationship to space and perception. Sculptures are unique in that you are able to view it from all three dimensions, each perspective offering a different view and interpretation of the art. I chose to create a perspectivist sculpture to show how easily our view of objects in the quantum realm can change. Depending on how you chose to view the sculpture, the image you see changes, and only when you pick a perspective are you able to see either a particle or a wave . This sculpture was built focusing on both the duality and the limitations of perception. Although each perspective determines what you observe, each perspective also delivers a different view of the juxtaposing image.