All The Light We Could Not See

person in front of painting

All The Light We Could Not See – Rachel Calcott

Science is a very human story. It’s the story of the questions we’ve asked, and the crazy paths we’ve taken to find answers. The question my project investigates is a pretty old one – how the heck did the universe begin? I decided to do two things with my fusion project – describe the scientific journey that culminated in the discovery of the light emitted by the Big Bang, and take a look at the development of the very early universe. I chose to use poetry to tell this story because I think that both science and poetry attempt to describe and celebrate the world they encounter. I also chose to weave a bit of personal history into this poem – my dad is an astronomer, so I actually grew up around telescopes, and I played with an analogy between a child discovering the world as they get older, and humanity discovering the full spectrum of light and the expanse and origins of the universe.