Physics Meets the Arts,” was a semester-long exploration of fundamental physics concepts through the visual and performing arts, designed and taught by Ágnes Mócsy, Yale Presidential Visiting Fellow and visiting professor in the Yale University Department of Physics. The Physics Meets the Arts seminar took an innovative approach to teach fundamental physics concepts and cutting edge research topics through various forms of art including fine arts, poetry, film, music and the visual arts.  The students discovered innovative ways of seeing and understanding physics, the process of doing science, and who the practitioners are, as well as the sometimes unexpected, conceptual connections between physics and the arts.

The class culminated in each student creating a “fusion project,” in which they chose a physics topic from the course, researched it further and then brought it alive through a medium of their choice, which ranged from paintings through sculptures, to ceramics, music, poetry and film.  The projects were presented in both in class and in a public showcase at the Yale University Art Gallery, and judged by a panel of professionals both for physics and artistic merit.