The Norton Anthology of World Literature

Martin Puchner (General Editor, Harvard University)
Suzanne Conklin Akbari (Editor, University of Toronto)
Wiebke Denecke (Editor, Boston University)
Vinay Dharwadker (Editor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Barbara Fuchs (Editor, University of California-Los Angeles)
Caroline Levine (Editor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Pericles Lewis (Editor, Yale University)
Emily Wilson (Editor, University of Pennsylvania)

Led by Martin Puchner of Harvard University, the editors of the Fourth Edition (2018) are experienced classroom teachers as well as accomplished scholars. For help in selecting the best texts and translations and revising the editorial apparatus for the twenty-first-century classroom, the editors solicited the advice of more than 500 world literature instructors and expert counsel from a world-class team of regional specialists. The result is an anthology that a scholar can respect, that a teacher can assign with confidence, and that students can read and study with pleasure.

The Fourth Edition of the most trusted and widely used anthology of world literature retains and expands the most popular works from the last edition, while refreshing the anthology with new selections and new translations of major works. As always, the Norton provides hundreds of literary selections, helpful apparatus, beautiful illustrations, and a robust suite of digital resources.

The variety and scope of selections in the anthology make it the perfect text for many different courses and instructors. It’s also a text that students can keep on their bookshelves to read and enjoy throughout their academic career and beyond. The Fourth Edition maintains just the right balance between change and continuity. The editors have chosen new, distinguished translations and have also expanded the selections from some of the most popular works, but they have also left most of the highly praised work of the previous edition intact.

The fifth edition will be published in 2024.