Essays and Media Clips


Winter 2021 The Burial of the Dead in Mann’s The Magic Mountain
Renascence: Essays on Literature and Ethics, Spirituality, and Religion
June 2018 Globalizing the Liberal Arts: Twenty-First- Century Education
Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Feb 2017 No Business Like Supernatural Business
Los Angeles Review of Books
Feb 2017 World insight: a challenging time for cosmopolitan education
Times Higher Education
Aug 2016 In Asia, For the World: Liberal Education and Innovation
Experiences in Liberal Arts and Science Education from America, Europe and Asia
Dec 2015 Liberal Education in Asia: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
New Global Studies
Aug 2013 Asia Invests in Liberal Arts
Harvard International Review
December 2023 Lisa Prevost, “A Space for Dialogue,” Yale News
May 2023 Susan Gonzalez, “Catching up with Yale College Dean Pericles Lewis,” Yale News
March 2023 Vassilis Kostoulas, “Yale Strengthens Ties with University of Athens,” Ekathimerini
May 2022 Pericles Lewis named dean of Yale College,” Yale News
June 2021 Karin Fischer, “Do Colleges Need a Foreign Policy?,” Chronicle of Higher Education
April 2021 The Magic Mountain on the Writ Large Podcast with Zachary Davis
Jan/Feb 2021 Still learning in 3D, Yale Alumni Magazine
January 2021 How Yale transformed itself in a time of pandemic, Yale News
2020 Journal article Markella Rutherford and Peggy Levitt, “Who’s on the Syllabus?” Journal of World
(including excerpts from an interview on the Norton Anthology of World Literature)
December 2020 Federal Judge Strikes Down Changes to Visa Program, Yale News
April 2020 Yale Leaders Talk About Covid-19: Pericles Lewis, Yale News
March 2019 Pericles Lewis Appointed Smith Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale News
March 2019 US Ambassador Hails Yale-Makerere Partnership, New Vision (Uganda)
March 2019 Lewis visits Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Africa, Yale Daily News
November 2018 Committee advises converting Jackson Institute into school of global affairs, Yale News
October 2017 New VP Promotes Global Strategy, Yale Daily News
July 2017 An Educated Core, Harvard Magazine
23 June 2016 Yale-NUS conference draws participants from across the United States to campus, Yale News
19 May 2016 President of Yale-NUS College in Singapore shows opportunities and pathways of international higher education partnerships, Daily FT
01 Apr 2016 Yale-NUS College: Singapore’s First Liberal Arts College
22 Oct 2015 Yale-NUS College extends reach of liberal arts’ ‘forbidden fruits’, Times Higher Education
16 Oct 2015 American Liberal Education Is Happening in Singapore, The Atlantic
12 Oct 2015 Yale-NUS celebrates opening of its permanent campus, YaleNews
09 Aug 2015 Asia and the future of the liberal arts, Huffington Post
07 Mar 2015 Yale Goes to Asia, Barron’s Magazine
03 Mar 2015 Yale-NUS hires another 20 academics, The Straits Times
03 Mar 2014 One year in, Yale-NUS develops identity, Yale Daily News
20 Feb 2014 Pericles Lewis | Rethinking liberal arts education, Mint Asia
04 Feb 2014 Pericles Lewis: a humanities education produces truly creative leaders, The Guardian
Nov/Dec 2013 The Founding, Yale Alumni Magazine
9 Sept 2013 Blurring Disciplines, Crossing Borders, The Chronicle of Higher Education
25 Oct 2012 In Asia, future appears bright for liberal-arts education, The Chronicle of Higher Education
07 Jul 2012 Building a community of learning at Yale-NUS The Straits Times
31 May 2012 Yale-NUS College gets its first president, The Business Times
31 May 2012 ‘Not the job’ of Yale-NUS College to tell students what to think, My Paper
31 May 2012 Yale prof to head liberal arts college, The Straits Times