Travel to Yale

Information on travel to Yale via plane, train, bus, and car can be found on Yale’s Transportation website. Information about visitor parking is available here. For visitors arriving by train, a free shuttle runs every 20 minutes between New Haven Union Train Station and the New Haven Green, which is a short walk from the conference locations.

A network of free shuttle busses runs around the Yale campus. If you need a taxi, you can call Metro Taxi at 203 777 7777.

For a list of hotels in the area, you can consult the Yale Visitor Center.

The map below provides information on area restaurants, stores, and attractions. Click on an icon for more information about each location. A more detailed version of this map can be found here.


Mal Ahern, Christina K. Andriotis,  Mark Bauer, Rosemary Beloin, Agnes Bolton, Alessandro Brunazzo, Eleonora Buonocore, Giulia Cardillo, Rabbi Leah Cohen,  Nicole Chardiet, Edward Cooke, Iris Cordero, Peter Crane, Megan Crognale, Ann De Lauro, Sandro Angelo de Thomasis, David Forgacs, Stacey Gemmill, Katherine Germano, Amy Gold, Ron Gregg, Frank Griffel, Allison Hadley, Andrea Hart, Christine Hayes, Martin Jean, Andrew Jones, Michael Kerbel, Robin Ladouceur, Lora LeMosy, Simona Lorenzini, Marianne Lyden, John MacKay, Anna Marra, Geoffrey Moseley, Don Mosteller, Taylor Papallo, Michela Povoleri, Julia Pucci, Edith Rotkopf, Maurice Samuels, Edwin Schroeder, Ksenia Sidorenko, Robert Storr, Francesca Trivellato, Patrick Waldron, and all the participants of the conference and the series of events.


For more information, email us at

The conference and series of events are organized by Luca Peretti ( and Karen Raizen (

For information on the Department of Italian at Yale, go to

2 thoughts on “Information

  1. Solis

    Good morning,
    Thank you very much for organizing this interesting conference. My name is Teresa Solis and I am a PhD candidate at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre. In which language should I write my proposal?
    Best regards,

    1. ktr8

      Hello Teresa,
      Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this conference, we ask that papers be presented in English; however the abstract can be in French, Italian, or Spanish, whichever works best for you.
      Thanks and all best,
      Karen and Luca


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