Workshop – Pasolini and the neo-avant-garde

The last workshop leading to the conference will take place on Monday, February 23rd, 4pm, at the Beinecke Library, Room 39, it will be led by Anna Marra and it is co-organized with the Postwar Culture Working Group.

There are three suggested readings. The first one is a short essay by Pasolini on the avant-garde, the second is a good introduction on the subject and the last pages talk specifically about Pasolini, and the third one is in Italian but very short. Please email us at if you wish to participate.

1) “The end of the avant-garde” (in Heretical Empiricism)

2) The Neoavanguardia and the Theoretical Debate (in The new Avant-Garde in Italy)

3) Pasolini e la neoavanguardia (in Lo sperimentalismo tra Pasolini e la neoavanguardia)

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