Episode 8-9: Headache

Learning about headaches giving you a headache? Then this episode is for you! Join Dr. Moeller as we discuss the clinical approach to headaches.

Learning goals:

  • Red flags for secondary causes of headaches using the 2SNOOP4 mnemonic
  • Features of primary headaches, with focus on migraines 
  • Approach for taking a headache history and imaging for headache

Episodes: Part 1 and Part 2

Shownotes: Headache Notes

Episode 6-7: Involuntary Movements

In the weakness episode, we discussed disorders along the corticospinal/pyramidal tracts, which affects voluntary movement. This episode, Dr. Sara Schaefer, movement disorder specialist at Yale, discusses disorders of the extrapyramidal basal ganglia, disorders that result in involuntary movements.

Learning objectives:

  • The roles of the basal ganglia and the extrapyramidal tracts
  • Different types of involuntary movement phenomenologies, with a focus on tremor
  • Conditions that feature each phenomenology as a predominant symptom.

Episode: Part 1 and Part 2

Shownotes: Involuntary Movements Notes

Yale movement disorders module: Modules

Episode 5: Weakness

Knees weak, arms heavy: Lambert-Eaton syndrome or just hungry after rounds? Find out on this episode with Dr. Jeff Dewey!

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the anatomy of voluntary movement
  • Discuss the examination of a patient with weakness, including upper versus lower motor neuron signs
  • Understand common central and peripheral etiologies of weakness as well as their temporal and distributional patterns

Podcast episode: Weakness

Shownotes: Weakness Notes

Episode 4: Cognitive Complaints

This week, Charlie and Sonya think (out loud) about cognitive complaints with Dr. Moeller!

Learning goals:

  • Cognitive domains and relation to neuroanatomy
  • Delirium versus dementia
  • Clinical approach to acute and chronic cognitive complaints
  • Primary dementia disorders

Podcast episode: Episode on Buzzsprout

Podcast shownotes: Cognitive Complaints Shownotes

Episode 3: Neuroimaging essentials

Have you ever looked upon a star and wondered what the difference was between CTA and CT with contrast? If so, this episode is for you! Charlie interviews neuroradiologist Dr. Mariam Aboian to discuss key neuroimaging concepts for medical students.

Learning goals:

  • Principles of reading CT, CTA, MRI brain and spine scans
  • Appearance of must-know conditions in each modality and their associated radiographic signs
  • CT perfusion and MRA/MRV – how they work and what they’re used for

Podcast episode: Episode on Buzzsprout

Shownotes: Neuroimaging essentials show notes

Episode 2: Dizziness

Does learning about dizziness make your head spin? Check out this episode! Sonya and Charlie interview Dr. Jeff Dewey about clinical approaches to dizziness.

Learning goals:

  • What do patients mean when they complain of “dizziness?”
  • Basic vestibular system anatomy
  • Peripheral vs central vertigo, what aspects of the history and physical clue you in on each
  • A few must-know disease entities that cause peripheral vs central vertigo

Link to podcast: Dizziness podcast episode

Link to shownotes: Dizziness Show Notes

Episode 1: Loss of Consciousness

In our inaugural episode, Sonya and Charlie discuss with Dr. Jeremy Moeller about the clinical approach to loss of consciousness. Stay conscious for this one!

Learning goals:

  • Top differentials for transient and non-transient LOC disorders
  • History-taking and labs/imaging for LOC disorders 
  • Heuristics that support one vs other diagnoses in transient LOC disorders
  • Disorders of consciousness (non-transient LOC disorders)
  • Neurological exam in the unconscious patient

Link to podcast: LOC episode

Link to show notes: LOC Show Notes 

Welcome to the Clerkship Success Series!

The Clerkship Success Series is a limited series within the Yale Neurology Exam Prep podcast. Each episode will focus on a different presenting symptom or finding, and we will discuss an high-yield approach to this problem. Co-hosted by Yale Medical Students Charlie Zhao and Sonya Zhou.

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