Episode 2: Dizziness

Learning goals:

  • What do patients mean when they complain of “dizziness?”
  • Basic vestibular system anatomy
  • Peripheral vs central vertigo, what aspects of the history and physical clue you in on each
  • A few must-know disease entities that cause peripheral vs central vertigo

Link to podcast: Dizziness podcast episode

Link to shownotes: Dizziness Show Notes

Episode 1: Loss of Consciousness

Learning goals:

  • Top differentials for transient and non-transient LOC disorders
  • History-taking and labs/imaging for LOC disorders 
  • Heuristics that support one vs other diagnoses in transient LOC disorders
  • Disorders of consciousness (non-transient LOC disorders)
  • Neurological exam in the unconscious patient

Link to podcast: LOC episode

Link to show notes: LOC Show Notes 

Welcome to the Clerkship Success Series!

The Clerkship Success Series is a limited series within the Yale Neurology Exam Prep podcast. Each episode will focus on a different presenting symptom or finding, and we will discuss an high-yield approach to this problem. Co-hosted by Yale Medical Students Charlie Zhao and Sonya Zhou.

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