Navin Kumar is currently a PhD candidate at the Yale University Sociology Department. He has used altruism to increase uptake of gonorrhea and chlamydia testing among gay and bisexual men in China. He also seeks to understand how social networks affect treatment retention and patient engagement among people receiving treatment for opioid use disorder, to better tailor services for people at higher risk of treatment failure. He is currently exploring the views of major organizations in the US legal cannabis space, to craft better cannabis policy. In the longer term, he aims to provide policy-relevant and research-driven solutions, for a range of industries and spaces.

Read about his study on sexually transmitted infections, and research on the US legal cannabis industry.

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Original Research

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Book Chapters, Monographs

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Media Releases

  1. Kumar N. How the Cannabis Industry Illuminates Changing Political Dynamics Between Private and Public Interests. Scholars Strategy Network; 2018.


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