What Do Judy Schiff and Cindy Crawford Have In Common?

Cindy Crawford (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cindy_Crawford).

Cindy Crawford (source: Wikipedia).

Judith Schiff (source: http://news.yale.edu/videos/archivist-judith-schiff-centuries-elm-and-ivy)

Judith Schiff (source: Yale Daily News)

Find out tonight on The Learning Channel’s Who Do You Think You Are? genealogy series this evening, Tuesday, August 27th, at 9 PM Eastern time. Our esteemed Manuscripts and Archives colleague Judy Schiff, in her position as Chief Research Archivist in the Yale University Library and New Haven’s official historian, helps Crawford trace her lineage back to the idealistic Puritan reformer Thomas Trowbridge. Read more about this in Joe Amarante’s article in yesterday’s New Haven RegisterIt is always amazing to see the links and ties that connect people to New Haven through its nearly four centuries of existence!