Archival Processing Work at Manuscripts and Archives, January-March 2022

The following information on recent archival processing work at Manuscripts and Archives (MSSA) was written by Alison Clemens, Head of Processing.

Since my last post in January, MSSA staff have made available the several collections and additions to existing collections, including:

New collections

Joel Sanders Papers (MS 2095)

The records, totaling 73.67 linear feet, consist of project records produced by Joel Sanders Architects (JSA) and the academic and research files and slides of Joel Sanders. There is some overlap between JSA project files and the academic research files. The research interests of Joel Sanders often led to projects and exhibitions carried out by Joel Sanders Architects. Early research notes and writings of a project can be found in the academic files, and project records documenting the realized project or exhibition can be found in the JSA project files.

Ravi D. Goel Collection on Philip Dodson Sprouse (MS 2114)

The collection, totaling 0.25 linear feet, consists of correspondence related to United States Ambassador Philip Dodson Sprouse, including letters from former Secretary of State Dean Acheson and General George C. Marshall. Also includes letters from diplomatic colleagues and family, reactions to Sprouse’s death, photographs of Sprouse, and research and biographical material relating to Sprouse compiled by Ravi D. Goel.

Charles A. Reich Papers (MS 2118)

The collection, totaling 32.25 linear feet, consists of the professional and personal papers of attorney, law professor, and author Charles A. Reich. Writings include scholarly articles by Reich regarding legal theory; commenting on legal issues of the day; court case briefs; book reviews and proposals; and transcripts of talks and lectures given on legal topics. Also included are materials related to books authored by Reich, in particular materials on the creation, development, publishing, public responses, and critical reviews and retrospectives of The Greening of America.

Additions to existing collections

Accessions 2018-M-0054, 2020-M-0005, 2021-M-0031, and 2022-M-0009 of the Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates Records (MS 1884)

Significant additions, totaling approximately 350 linear feet in sum, to the Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates project records, 1964-2010.

Accession 2018-A-0074 of the Early Yale Documents Collection (RU 1154)

Manuscript statement on the financial, administrative, and curricular state of Yale College, 1822 June.

Accession 2019-M-0040 of the Stanton Wheeler Papers (MS 1954)

This accession, totaling 2.5 linear feet, includes personal correspondence and files related to Stanton Wheeler’s scholarship and teaching on the topics of prisons, white collar crime, state supreme courts, and sentencing.

Accession 2019-M-0059 of the Ronald Dworkin Papers (MS 2071)

This accession, totaling 2.08 linear feet, primarily contains Dworkin’s professional correspondence. Correspondence includes discussions of writings and courses with colleagues, logistical correspondence related to Dworkin’s attendance at lectures or conferences, and correspondence with publishers regarding Dworkin’s writings.

Accession 2020-M-0006 of the World Academy of Art and Science Records (MS 1452)

The accession, totaling 1.04 linear feet, consists of board and committee meeting minutes, presentation notes, budgets, institutional emails, program overviews, newsletters, by-laws, and project reports from the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS).

Accession 2020-M-0016 of the Joseph Goldstein Papers (MS 1787)

The accession, totaling 2.08 linear feet, primarily includes materials documenting Joseph Goldstein’s service in the Theatre Sub-Section of the Civil Censorship Detachment, part of the Occupation General Headquarters (GHQ) in Tokyo, 1945-1946; materials documenting Joseph and Sonja Goldstein’s time as students in the Yale Law School; correspondence documenting Joseph Goldstein’s relationship with Harold Laski at the London School of Economics; and materials documenting Joseph Goldstein’s legal career.

Accession 2021-M-0020 of the Joseph Goldstein Papers (MS 1787)

The accession, totaling 9.42 linear feet, contains material documenting Joseph Goldstein’s work with local New Haven organizations, particularly the New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA), which provides legal services for New Haven County residents unable to afford or maintain legal counsel. Goldstein helped fund the organization in 1964 and served on its board from 1974 until his death in 2000. The accession also contains material relating to the Yale Law School, including various boards and committees Goldstein served on, as well as Goldstein’s personal files.

Accession 2021-A-0004 of the Yale Slavic Chorus, Yale University, Records (RU 1172)

Photograph of Yale Slavic Chorus and concert posters, 1968-1971.

Accession 2021-A-0007 of the Slavic and East European Collection, Yale University Library, Records of the Curator (RU 1132)

A 19th century samovar from Tula, Russia (the capital of the samovar production in Tzarist Russia) belonged to a member of the Russian emigre community from a village in Connecticut called Churayevka. The village disappeared with the construction of highway I-84. The samovar was later gifted to the curator of the Slavic and East European Collection.

Accession 2021-M-0011 of the Bert Hansen Papers (MS 2042)

This accession, totaling 1.92 linear feet, contains files relating to efforts, begun in 1988, by the Museum of the City of New York to create an exhibit and a book on the history of epidemics in New York City. Hansen was directly involved in both efforts. The book was published eventually, and the exhibit was not shown. The accession also includes materials documenting a movement in the late 1980s for academic fields (in Hansen’s case history), to take responsibility for bringing the then-new AIDS epidemic into their purview. Hansen organized the first panel on AIDS at the American Historical Association. Also included is a U-matic tape of a recording of Hansen interviewed for Binghamton, New York local television in 1978, along with a VHS tape.

Accession 2022-M-0010 of the John Vliet Lindsay Papers (MS 592)

This accession, totaling 0.42 linear feet, consists of files of Roswell (Rod) B. Perkins from his work with John Vliet Lindsay on a study of the Metropolitan Transit System of New York City, including reports, statements, and correspondence. Also included is a statement and a small amount of correspondence related to a 1964 healthcare bill proposed by Lindsay, then a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Accession 2022-M-0015 of the David Benjamin Mixner Papers (MS 1862)

The accession, totaling 0.42 linear feet, includes David Benjamin Mixner’s printed email correspondence, March-December 2021; an unpublished manuscript; and ephemera associated with the New Jersey Hall of Fame Virtual Induction Ceremony, December 2021. There is not a folder of email correspondence for July 2021.

Accession 2022-A-0020 of the American Studies Program, Yale University, Records (RU 272)

Course syllabi and section evaluations, 1986-2011 and totaling 4.75 linear feet.