Joseph Conrad: A Personal Remembrance

by Michaela Bronstein Ford Madox Ford’s Joseph Conrad: A Personal Remembrance (1924) is an account of Ford’s collaboration and friendship with Joseph Conrad over the decades before the death of the latter. It is also a manifesto for Ford’s ideas on literary impressionism, and it attempts to mark out places where, according to Ford, he… Continue Reading Joseph Conrad: A Personal Remembrance

“On Impressionism”

by Anthony Domestico As Ford Madox Ford wrote in an introduction to The Good Soldier, this 1914 novel was his initial attempt “to extend [himself], to use a phrase of horse-race training.”[1] Ford explains that The Good Soldier was his first bid to put his theoretical concerns about the novel into fictional, fleshly life.  He… Continue Reading “On Impressionism”

The Good Soldier

by Pericles Lewis In Ford Madox Ford‘s The Good Soldier (1915), the narrator, John Dowell, tells the story of his marriage, from 1904, when he and his wife Florence met Edward Ashburnham (the good soldier of the title) to 1913, when Ashburnham’s affair with Florence has been revealed and both Ashburnham and Florence have committed… Continue Reading The Good Soldier

Ford Madox Ford

Biography by Anthony Domestico Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939), poet, novelist, essayist, and editor, was an important figure in the beginning years of the modernist movement.  Ford’s poetry, although not studied much today, was considered elegant and formally interesting in its day; both Ezra Pound and D.H. Lawrence thought Ford one of the best poets of… Continue Reading Ford Madox Ford