Quia Pauper Amavi

by Edgar Garcia “An epic,” writes Ezra Pound in the ABC of Reading, “is a poem including history.”[1] History is the story of peoples through time. But Pound’s bare definition of epic according to its historical aspect fails to identify who the given history includes. Elsewhere, Pound identifies a historical subject with a phrase borrowed… Continue Reading Quia Pauper Amavi

Guide to Kulchur

by Edgar Eduardo Garcia The difficulty of summarizing a book like Ezra Pound’s Guide to Kulchur is brought about by the already highly condensed summary it gives of its subjects, 2,500 years of “ideas going into action.”[1] The martial undertones of the metaphor, “going into action,” might lead the reader to reckon that Pound is… Continue Reading Guide to Kulchur

“1920 (Mauberley)”

by Edgar Eduardo Garcia Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, published by The Ovid Press in 1920, is commonly referred to as Ezra Pound‘s “farewell to London.”[1] He moved to Paris shortly after its publication. The circumstances of his departure, in combination with the poem’s satirical inveighing of English culture and intellectual life, prompt readings of the poem… Continue Reading “1920 (Mauberley)”