The Tunnel

by Sam Alexander The Tunnel (1919) is the fourth volume of Dorothy Richardson’s multi-volume novel, Pilgrimage (1915-1935). The Novel In each of the three sections of Pilgrimage preceding The Tunnel, the heroine, Miriam Henderson, takes a “pilgrimage” from her home in the English countryside. In Pointed Roofs (modeled loosely on Charlotte Brontë’s Villette, and also… Continue Reading The Tunnel

Pointed Roofs

by Sam Alexander Often credited as the first stream-of-consciousness novel in English, Dorothy Richardson‘s Pointed Roofs (1915) is the first of thirteen books comprising Pilgrimage, a multi-volume novel to which Richardson devoted herself until her death in 1957. Pilgrimage follows the life of its protagonist, Miriam Henderson, from March 1893 through the autumn of 1912,… Continue Reading Pointed Roofs

Dorothy Richardson

Biography by Anthony Domestico Dorothy Richardson (1873-1957), now largely ignored but once regarded as one of the most important of modernist novelists, was a pioneer of the stream-of-consciousness technique.  Her thirteen-novel project, Pilgrimage, is a prime example of modernism at its finest and most maddening: dilatory in its pacing, challenging in its form, and concerned… Continue Reading Dorothy Richardson