The Threepenny Opera

by Pericles Lewis In 1928, the same year in which he proclaimed himself a Marxist, Bertolt Brecht had his first international success with The Threepenny Opera, an adaptation of the eighteenth-century Beggar’s Opera by John Gay, which Brecht wrote in collaboration with Elisabeth Hauptmann, who co-wrote several of his early plays and after the war… Continue Reading The Threepenny Opera

Bertolt Brecht

Biography by Pericles Lewis The most influential playwright of the twentieth century, Bertolt Brecht was a conduit for the impact of German expressionism on later modern drama. Brecht’s first play, Baal, written in 1918 but not produced until 1923, tells the story of a boorish and primitive poet who, from being a society sensation, degenerates… Continue Reading Bertolt Brecht