To the Lighthouse

by Pericles Lewis Virginia Woolf’s masterpiece, To the Lighthouse (1927), presents the war in a broader historical perspective than her first two novels, thus serving the function of elegy by coming to terms with the war, but also contributing its share to what the critic Samuel Hynes has called the “Myth of the War” ”—“the… Continue Reading To the Lighthouse

Time and Western Man

by Kirsty Dootson Between the wars, Wyndham Lewis entered into the most prolific period of his career, writing twenty-three fictional and non-fictional books concerning politics, religion, philosophy and the arts. His non-fiction texts of the nineteen-twenties were originally planned as a single enormous work entitled The Man of the World but Lewis decided (or was encouraged… Continue Reading Time and Western Man

Cinema and the Classics

by Christina Walter, University of Maryland, College Park “Cinema and the Classics” is a series of three essays written by H.D. and published in the first English-language film journal Close Up in 1927.  The journal was created and edited by POOL Productions, an experimental film company of which H.D. was a part and which used… Continue Reading Cinema and the Classics