Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown

by Aleksandar Stevic “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown” is a 1923 essay by Virginia Woolf. However, it should be noted that much of the argument of the essay Woolf also developed in a number of other texts, including “Modern Novels” (1919), “Character in Fiction” (1924) and “Modern Fiction” (1925). In fact, “Mr. Bennett and Mrs.… Continue Reading Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown

Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield’s Modernist Aesthetic by Annie Pfeifer A Colonial Childhood Katherine Mansfield’s experiences growing up in colonial New Zealand heightened her awareness of the discontinuities, lacunae, and tensions of modern life. She was born in 1888 in Wellington, a town labeled “the empire city” by its white inhabitants, who modeled themselves on British life and… Continue Reading Katherine Mansfield


by Sam Alexander “Fish” is the best known poem in D.H. Lawrence’s Birds, Beasts, and Flowers (1923). As he does throughout this volume, Lawrence in this poem uses an encounter with an animal to explore some of his characteristic concerns: the importance of reclaiming instinctual life from the intellectual abstraction of modern life, the need… Continue Reading Fish

“‘Ulysses,’ Order and Myth”

by Anthony Domestico Published in The Dial in November of 1923, T.S. Eliot’s essay “‘Ulysses,’ Order, and Myth” is a rare opportunity to see one of modernism’s giants grappling with one of modernism’s greatest works.  Having met Joyce for the first time while delivering a pair of old shoes on behalf of Ezra Pound on… Continue Reading “‘Ulysses,’ Order and Myth”