A Dream Play

by Pericles Lewis Like Pirandello’s six characters in search of an author, the main figures in August Strindberg‘s A Dream Play (1902) are known by their social roles, rather than names: the Officer, the Lawyer, the Doorkeeper, the Poet. Like Strindberg’s other dream plays, which were inspired in part by Ibsen’s Peer Gynt and When… Continue Reading A Dream Play

Gladius Dei

by Merrick Doll Gladius Dei (1902) is a novella by Thomas Mann. It follows the story of a radically religious and ascetic youth, Hieronymus, as he attempts to eradicate a painting of a Madonna that he finds especially sacrilegious. The story takes place in Munich in the early 1900s and raises the question of art’s… Continue Reading Gladius Dei

The Letter of Lord Chandos

by Aaron Steiner “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.  The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A Letter”) in the Berlin newspaper Der Tag in October of 1902.  Regarded by critics as one of the first primary texts of the modern era, prominent German literary… Continue Reading The Letter of Lord Chandos