Exhibition of the Camden Town Group and Others

This exhibition was held from December 1913 to January 1914 at the Brighton City Art Gallery. Although it was advertised as ‘An exhibition of the Camden Town Group and Others’ – the catalogue sported the title ‘An exhibition of English Post-Impressionists, Cubists and Others’ and the introduction by J. B. Manson called it an exhibition where “all modern methods may find a home, Cubism meets Impressionism, Futurism and Sickertism join hands and are not ashamed.” Artists as diverse as Ethel Sands (a conservative impressionist) and David Bomberg (a radical abstractionist) exhibited together with the Vorticists Wyndham Lewis, Frederick Etchells and Edward Wadsworth, the English Futurist Christopher Nevinson as well as  a host of other artists including John and Paul Nash, Walter Sickert and Jacob Epstein.  This was one of a number of important art exhibitions in 1914.

Artists who exhibited:

1st Room:

Ethel Sands, Mervyn Lawrence, Sylvia Gosse, Harold Sund, Charles Ginner, Robert Bevan, Harold Gilman, Spencer Gore, Walter Sickert,Lucien Pissaro, Anna Hope Hudson, Harold Squire

Middle Room:

Walter Taylor, John Nash, Paul Nash, Douglas Fox Pit, Renee Finch, J. Hamilton Hay, Therese Lessore, W. B. Adeney, William Radcliffe, Malcolm Drummond, S. De Karlowska, Ruth Dogget, M. Oglivie, Walter Bayes [as well as Gosse, Sickert and Lawrence]

Third Room [The Cubist Room]

Jacob Epstein, C. F. Hamilton, Fanny Eveleigh, David Bomberg Christopher Nevinson, Wyndham Lewis, J. Etchells, Frederick Etchells, Edward Wadsworth , [and Adeney]