Common FAQs

► How do I configure the Mail app with my Yale email account on my iPad?

To configure the Mail app on your iPad with your Yale email account do the following:

  1. Tap the Mail icon on your iPad.
    Mail Icon
  2. Select Google for the list of email services.
    Email Services
  3. When prompted, fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Select other apps to sync with your Google EliApps account and tap the Save button.

► Why do I get an error when I try to configure the Mail app to my EliApp Account?

More than likely you will need to set a Google Password. You can do so on this page:

If resetting your password does not remedy the situation, contact the Student Technology Collaborative for additional assistance.

► How do I connect to the YaleSecure wireless network?

To connect to the YaleSecure wireless network do the following:

  1. From an iOS device, tap on the Settings icon.
    iOS7 Settings Icon
  2. Tap Wi-Fi from the setting list and enable the Wi-Fi service if it is off.iOS Settings List
  3. From the list of networks, choose YaleSecure.iOS Wi-Fi List
  4. When prompted, type in your Yale NetID and password, tap Join.User Credentials
  5. On the certificate page, tap the Accept button to verify your settings.Wireless Certificate
  6. Your device will connect to the YaleSecure network will automatically connect during future sessions.
    YaleSecure Network


  • If this above directions do not work, try the alternate instructions on this support page or contact the Student Technology Collaborative.
  • If you change your Yale NetID password, you will also need to change and verify a new certificate on your iOS device to connect to the YaleSecure network.

► How do I use the screen rotation lock on my iPad?

The iPads have a screen rotation lock to keep the screen stationary in either landscape or portrait view.  To enable the rotation lock do the following:

  1. Tap the Settings icon and navigate to General.
    iOS7 Settings Icon
  2. In the right-hand pane locate USE SLIDE SWITCH TO: section and tap Lock Rotation so a check mark appears at the end of the filed.Lock Rotation Setting
  3. Use the mute switch on the side of the iPad to either lock or unlock the screen rotation; Slide the switch to the “mute-on” position (downward) to lock the screen rotation, and slide switch to the “mute-off” position (upward) to unlock the screen rotation.  A padlock icon will appear on the screen indicating if the rotation is locked or unlocked.
    Rotation Lock Icon Rotation Unlock Icon
  4. To disable the rotation lock feature, go to SettingsGeneral, and tap Mute under the USE SLIDE SWITCH TO: section.  A green check mark will appear at the end of the filed.

► How do I take a screen-shot on my iPad?

To capture your iPad screen (i.e., a screen-shot), simultaneously press the Power button on the top of the iPad and the Home button under the screen.  A successful capture will be indicated by the flashing of the screen (the iPad will also make a camera shutter sound effect if the volume is on) and the image will be saved to the Camera Roll in Photos on the iPad for later viewing.


► What cloud-based solutions are available on the iPad to save my data?

The iPads come pre-installed with several cloud storage apps including:

You can also use the Apple iCloud feature with your Apple ID account to backup data.  More information on the service can be found on this page:

► Is there a way for me to track my iPad remotely if I misplace it?

Yes.  You can set up the Find My iPad feature from the app or via your iCloud account which will show you the location of your device if it is online.

*Under the Bass Library supervised management of iOS 7 iPads, Activation Lock will not be enabled when a user turns on Find My iPad.  More information here.

► I cannot update any of the pre-installed apps on my iPad. What can I do?

As the iPads are managed by the Bass Library, a Bass Library iTunes account is used to install, retain, and maintain any paid app licenses.  Thus, it is necessary for the iTunes account manager to apply any updates to all the licensed, pre-installed apps.

Free apps, however, can be removed and updated by downloading the latest version from the App Store with your own Apple ID.  To remove a free app do the following:

  1. Tap and hold an app you want to delete.
  2. The apps will begin to jiggle.
  3. Tap the “x” on the app you want to delete.

To update any/all paid apps on your iPad, contact Lauren King at or the Instructional Technology Group at to schedule an appointment.

► How do I create an Apple ID to download apps?

You can create an Apple ID within iTunes.  The following page give instructions:

If you do not have a credit card, or do not want to tie a credit card to your iTunes account, follow the instructions on the following page (look under the subheading: Creating an account on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch):

► Can I update my iPad if a new iOS version is released?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that all the apps will continue to function properly under the new iOS version.  We will, however, try to keep abreast of any changes and inform you if an update will adversely affect a specific app used in your course.  It should also be pointed out that once an iPad has been updated to a newer iOS version, it cannot be downgraded back to the previous version.  If you have any questions, please contact ITG.

► How do I manage my Apple ID, including changing my password?

You can manage your Apple ID by visiting the following page:

► How do I erase all the data on my iPad before returning it?

Apple iPads have a setting to delete all data and reset the device to factory settings by going toSettings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.  Please note that once the iPad has been reset there is no way to retrieve your data, thus it is recommended to save any important data a cloud-source solution.


More information on the erase feature can be found here:

► How do I connect to VPN?

To access certain Yale resources from off-campus locations, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is required that provides a direct link to the Yale network in a secure way.  In order to connect to Yale VPN, use the Cisco AnyConnect client. If it is not on your iPad it can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store.  The first step will be to configure the AnyConnect client with Yale settings.  After initially configuring the client, all that will be required to connect for future sessions is to log in with your Yale NetID and password.

To configure the client, launch the AnyConnect app and apply the following settings:

  1. Launch the AnyConnect app and tap OK to enable the software.
    CiscoAnyConnect image
  2. Tap the Add VPN Connection… link
  3. When prompted, enter the following:
    • Description   Yale VPN
    • Server Address

    Tap the Save button.


  4. Enter you Yale NetID and Password and tap the Connect button.image
  5. When connected, the status window and server information will appear.image
  6. To disconnect from the VPN connection, slide the AnyConnect VPN switch to the OFF position.
  7. To connect to future VPN sessions, launch the AnyConnect app, verify that the the Yale VPN connection is selected, slide the AnyConnect VPN switch to ON, and log in with your Yale NetID and password when prompted.

AnyConnect On Switch


► Can I sync my iPad in iTunes on my personal computer?

The iPads are managed with a Bass Library imaging tool that limits personal iTunes account synchronizing to prevent copying paid apps and media content  from the iPad to another personal iTunes account.  You can, however sync photos and videos from the iPad with your personal computer.  It is strongly recommended that critical data be backed-up to a cloud-based solution, e.g., Google Drive or Box.  For more information on back-up options, see What cloud-based solutions are available on the iPad to save my data? FAQ.

► How do I power-off my iPad?

The  iPad can be put to sleep by quickly pressing the power button at the top of the device.  It can be powered off by holding down the power button until “slide to power off” message displays on the screen.  Swipe your finger to the right to power off the iPad.  If the iPad is off, hold the power button to power on.

Screen-shot Power off
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