1. Select the Apple TV input on the A/V touch panel.
  2. Connect your device to either the YaleSecure or Yale Wireless network.
    Note: The Yale Guest network does not support AirPlay.
  3. To access the AirPlay settings, swipe up from the bottom bezel (the black area just below the iPad dock) to show the Control Center.
  4. From the Control Center, tap the Airplay icon in the center of the Control Center.
    Note: If the AirPlay icon does not appear, ensure your device is connected to one of the Yale wireless networks.
    iOS7 ControlCenterCircle
  5. From the AirPlay menu, select the classroom Apple TV to be used.  A check mark will appear next to the selected Apple TV.
    iOS7-ATV List
  6. Upon connecting, a four-digit, on-screen code will appear on the projected screen.  Type the code on your device when prompted in order to project to the screen.
    Note: A new code is generated for each session.
  7. Your device screen will mirror to the projected display for the duration of the session.
  8. Use the AirPlay menu to disconnect your device for the projected screen by selecting iPad from the list.
    Note: You will need to relinquish control of the your AirPlay session if you wish another user to project during your class.