CLC iPad Use Cases


Since it’s conception in 2011, the CLC iPad class-set initiative has served over 20 faculty members and countless students in their mission of teaching and learning.  To demonstrate the diverse uses of the iPads, a few use cases are highlighted below. 

CLC iPad Showcase Video Montage


 Marta Wells – E&EB

Mara Wells has used the iPads in enhancing her students’ field work experiences.  The portable devices allow students to capture notes, pictures, and videos when on an excursion and the ability to reference species with the assistance of such apps as the Audubon Guides,  vTree, and geo-tag using ArcGIS Collector.

Student in the field

Student in the field

Kaury Kucera – MB&B

Kaury Kucera used an iPad and a stand called the Just Stand to turn her iPad into a document camera for recording lab instructions last fall fall in the new interdisciplinary course “Art and Biomolecular Recognition Laboratory” (MB&B/HSR 218L).  Below is one of her videos on how to use different micro pipettes.


Frank Robinson – Physics

Frank Robinson was interested in “flipping” his Physics 180 summer course and wanted to record himself writing out problem sets as a way for his students to view the content outside of class.  He too, settled on using an iPad mini and the Just Stand to record his problem sets as he wrote them out with pad and pencil.  The iPad allowed one-touch recording with the screen serving as a “view finder” when aligning the camera.  Once the recording was complete, he uploaded the video to a folder in Box that he shared with his students.  Below is a snippet of his recording.

Sarab Al Ani – Near Eastern Civilization and Languages

 Sarab Al Ani used a flashcard app called Flashcard Deluxe in conjunction with Quizlet so her students could practice vocabulary on their iPads.  She also was successful in using the online language assessment and testing tool, OWL, to make the course a truly mobile experience.  Below is a video Sarab put together.

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