MAP is currently in the process of scheduling our 2018 programming.  Check back here as we add to our schedule, or, if you have a suggestion for a speaker, reading group, or other event, please email us at map.philosophy.yale(AT)

Wed 7 February 2018

Robin Dembroff (Yale)

“Oppressive Categories”


Mon 5 March 2018

Time and location TBD

Antuan Johnson (Yale)

“Nonideal Politics”



Mon 9 April 2018

Time and location TBD

Serene Khader (Brooklyn College)

Topic TBD

with special thanks to the Moral Philosophy Working Group for coordinating with us



Past Events



Departmental meeting: graduate student climate meeting (15 Sept 2017)

Speaker: Grace Helton (Princeton University) on social knowledge. Event coordinated with ELLMM City (9 Oct 2017)

Speaker: Lauren Kopajtic (Columba), “Keeping Secrets: Jane Austen and Adam Smith on the Virtues of Self-Command and Openness”. Event coordinated with the Society for Early Modern Philosophy  (6 Nov 2017)

Speaker/discussion: Robin Dembroff (Yale) on Robin Dembroff & Daniel Wodak (Virginia Tech), “He/She/They/Ze” (11 Dec 2017)



Social event: pizza party for female philosophy graduate students

Speaker: Louise Richardson-Self, “Who Can Be a Victim of Hate Speech?”



Social event: kick-off party

Departmental reading group: Sally Haslanger’s “Gender and Race: (What) are they? (What) do we want them to be?”

Departmental reading group: Tommie Shelby’s “Dark Ghettos”

Speaker: Sally Haslanger, “Minority in Philosophy”

Speaker: Mary Kate McGown, “Covert Exercitives, Harmful Speech and Discrimination”

Speaker: Charles Mills



Film: Iris

Speaker: Ken Winkler, “The Epistemology of the Loving Intellect: An Introduction to Murdoch”

Speaker: Megan Laverty

Speaker: Justin Broackes

Speaker: Julianne Chung (Yale)

Speaker: Jonathan Holloway (Yale)

Speaker: Kristie Dotson

Speaker: Christia Mercer



Speaker: Lawrence Blum, “Races and Racialized Groups: Perspectives from the U.S., South Africa and Brazil”

Speaker: Elizabeth Anderson, “Slavery, Emancipation, and the Relation of Freedom to Equality”

Speaker: Manyul Im, “Spontaneity, Virtue, and Deliberation — What to think…”

Speaker: Teresa Burke, “The Ethics of Signed Language Interpreting”

Speaker: Howard McGary, “Equality of Opportunity, Families, and Secondary Education”

Speaker: Zee Perry, “Mereology, Measurement, and Quantities”

Speaker: Michelle Nearon (Yale)



Departmental reading group:  Sally Haslanger, “Gender and Race: (What) Are They? (What) Do We Want Them To Be?”; Sally Haslanger, “Language, Politics and “The Folk”: Looking for the “Meaning” of ‘Race’”

Speaker: Sara Protasi, “The Varieties of Envy”

Speaker: Hallie Liberto, “When the Wrong of Exploitation is Oppression”

Speaker: Kate Abramson, “What’s Wrong with Gaslighting?”

Speaker: Eileen O’Neill, “Cartesianism and the Gendered Mind”

Speaker: Jane and Lewis Gordon, “The Pedagogical Imperative of a Teleological Suspension of Philosophy and Political Theory”

Speaker: Tyson Gofton, “The Philosophical Rehabilitation of Rabbinic Judaism in the 20th

Speaker: Tamar Gendler and Corinne Moss-Racusin (Yale), “Implicit Gender Bias in the Academy”



Speaker: Louise Antony, “Different Voices or Perfect Storm? Explaining the Dearth of Women in Philosophy”

Speaker: Sara Protasi (Yale) and Shen-yi Liao, “When Fiction Leaks into Reality: A Qualification of the Feminist Argument Against Violent Pornography”

Speaker: Heidi Lockwood and Eric Mandlebaum (Yale), “Counterstereotypical and Uncanny Exemplars: Moving Beyond the Mere Maximization of Smartness”

Speaker: Nancy Bauer, “Getting things right”

Speaker: Sally McConnell-Ginet: “‘Some of my best friends are philosophers, but I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry one’. Or, one linguist’s take on persisting gender gaps in philosophy”

Speaker: Lisa Rivera, “Gender Disparity in Philosophy: Do We Need to Know Why to Know What to Do?”



Speaker: Ruth Barcan Marcus, “Women in Philosophy: Past, Present and Future”

Speaker: Wesley Buckwalter, “Gender and Philosophical Intuition”

Speaker: Hannah Brückner, “Leaky pipelines, revolving doors, glass ceilings and mommy tracks? Gendered outcomes in the academy”