who we are

MAP stands for Minorities and Philosophy.  MAP is now an international, graduate student-driven organization, with individual chapters at over 60 philosophy departments.

The local Yale chapter has three aims:

  1. To support philosophy done by minorities in philosophy
  2.  To support philosophy about or from the perspective of minorities in philosophy
  3.  To make the Yale department an inclusive space for minorities in philosophy

While Yale MAP is run by the Yale philosophy graduate student community, Yale MAP is not exclusively for graduate students.  Many of our events welcome faculty and undergraduate students, and we see our mission as applying to the entirety of the Yale philosophy community.

The Yale MAP chapter has a distinguished history.  In Spring 2011, a group of graduate students founded GAP, Gender and Philosophy.  Ruth Barcan Marcus’s talk, “Women in Philosophy: Past, Present, and Future,” launched GAP in 2011.  At the end of 2011-2012 academic year, GAP was superseded by MAP.  MAP expanded GAP’s mission, moving from an organization devoted to women to one devoted to all minorities in philosophy.