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11 December 2017. MAP is hosting a roundtable discussion of Robin Dembroff and Daniel Wodak’s in-progress paper on the duty not to use gender-specific pronouns, followed by a dinner for faculty and graduate students to mark the end of MAP’s Fall 2017 calendar. Find more information under events or email us.

9 October 2017.  MAP is excited to announce that Princeton’s Grace Helton will be giving a talk from 5:30-7:30, location TBA.  It will be on the value of social knowledge  Find more information under events.

24 September 2017.  MAP creates and places a binder on Inclusion, Diversity, and Harassment Policy in the Departmental Lounge.  We also place snippets from some of the most important documents on the notice board.  (You can also find all of these documents here.)

15 September 2017.  NEW graduate student climate-specific meeting.  11:30 am-1:00 pm LC 203. All members of the philosophy graduate student community are welcome. Find more information under events.

15 September 2017.  Website and facebook page go online.

11 September 2017.  The YDN interviews MAP’s Joanna Demaree-Cotton for “Philosophy Department Confronts Diversity Issues.”

July 2017.  MAP sends out “looking forward to new academic year” survey.

July 2017.  Yuan Yuan steps down as MAP coordinator; Jo Demaree-Cotton and Sam Berstler take her place.