Mechista of the Week: Ava Tomasula y Garcia

Ava Tomasula y Garcia, Class of 2017

Ava Tomasula y Garcia, Class of 2017

Ava Tomasula y Garcia, Class of 2017

Residential College: Calhoun College

Hometown: Chicago/South Bend, IN

High School: Interlochen Center for the Arts (MI) and John Adams High School (IN)

Why did you join MEChA? I wanted to be part of a social justice group that did not limit itself to one area. MEChA knows that immigration is connected to education, to poverty, to voting rights, etc. It is hard to find such all-encompassing student groups!

What other activities are you involved in aside from MEChA? At Yale, I am also part of FAIR College Counseling, Oye spoken word, and hope to get involved with the Women’s Center. I am trying to keep in contact with the groups I’m part of at home: Students for a Democratic Society, Occupy Education, and others.

What is your favorite experience with MEChA? I’ve really enjoyed the weekly boycott of Gourmet Heaven over wage theft – it’s the most visible project MEChA’s done so far this year and it’s great to see the direct effect it is having. Also, I like freaking people out and there’s plenty of opportunities for that on a picket line.