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2023 Recipient – Laura
I could not be more grateful for the scholarship I was awarded by Mecha de Yale community. It is a pleasure to say that hard work pays off, and Mecha de Yale helps students coming from low-income families with many dreams to accomplish. College is expensive and not everyone has the same support and opportunities, that is one of the reasons I thank God and Mecha de Yale for supporting my goals and nursing career. This scholarship will help me to work even harder every day to be closer to my life aspirations. Lastly but not least, my mom taught me to never stop fighting for my dreams even when life seems to be 1000 times more challenging than before and very time when I feel scared because of college bills, this phrase comes to my mind and reminds me to push harder in my classes and this is the result of a hard working journey.
2022 Recipient – Paul
Estoy muy feliz y agradecido por ser beneficiaria de la 2022 Sueños Scholarship. Una vez más, muchas gracias.

2015 Recipient- Lesly 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in funding the Mecha de Yale Scholarship that you awarded to me. Currently, I’m attending Southern Connecticut State University, majoring in bilingual elementary education. With the scholarship you awarded me, it gave me the ability to focus on what is important about my college education instead of worrying about the financial burden that comes with college. Thank you again for your scholarship, you have assisted me in shaping my future.

2014 Recipient – Yazmin

I am currently attending the University of New Haven, Class of 2018. My college experience, so far, has showed me many things such as becoming more independent and responsible. Trying to balance out  my school work and personal life is not easy, but through hard work I am getting there. I am majoring in chemical engineering with the hope of working in the health field once I graduate. My career goal is to improve medical drugs, while minimizing any possible side effects. I am someone who has perseverance and still have many obstacles before I achieve my dreams, but I know I can succeed.