In the summer of 2018, I will be joining Miami University as an Assistant Professor of Organizations & Sociology. I will also be coordinator of the University’s exciting new Organizational Leadership undergraduate major.

I completed my PhD at the Yale School of Management in 2018. My dissertation, titled Of Two Minds: The Adoption and Enactment of Hybrid Organizational Identities, explores how organizations balance competing missions and commitments to external stakeholders. Such contradictions have long existed in organizations, but may be increasingly prevalent. For example, such challenges are commonly experienced by social enterprises, which are rapidly growing in number and consciously combine social and economic missions.

Another stream of my work considers employment dynamics in young firms and innovation-driven industries. In particular, I am interested in how startup employees experience their work and how startup employment impacts longer-term labor market outcomes.

Prior to starting at Yale, I completed my MBA at Babson College. I also hold a B.A. degree in Economics from Bowdoin College. Between graduating from Bowdoin and beginning my MBA, I spent three years working in management consulting for Deloitte Consulting and Norbridge, Inc. and one year teaching high school math and coaching football.

You can click around this website to find out more about my research and teaching interests, etc. Or, you can go to the Curriculum Vitae page to see my full CV.

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Contact: regelem@miamioh.edu