Co-President: Sandra Mendiola

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Sandra is a senior in Davenport majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. At Yale she is a member of the Turner Lab where she researches virus evolution and occasionally rears mosquitoes for studies involving dengue virus. Sandra is an amateur entomologist, a dedicated napper, and an avid consumer of frozen treats. She has been a part of MAS since her sophomore year and enjoys the opportunity to support La Casa’s burgeoning STEM community! If you have any questions regarding MAS, contact her at sandra.mendiola@yale.edu.


Secretary: Mary Sun

IMG_2891Mary is a senior in JE majoring in biology. She enjoys meeting new people, planning and attending Professor Dinners, and mentoring other STEM students in the MAS community. When she has free time, you can find her watching Big Bang Theory or Wong Fu videos, hanging out with friends, and eating Chinese food. Please don’t hesitate to contact her with any questions!

 Freshman Liaison: CEsar Garcia Lopez



Cesar Garcia Lopez is sophomore in Ezra Stiles majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He is an aspiring herpetologist. When he’s not memorizing the scientific names of animals, you’ll find him re-watching Parks and Rec, reading a good book, going to East Rock, or planning his next big adventure. 


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  26. Sandra is a senior in Davenport majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. At Yale she is a member of the Turner Lab where she researches virus evolution and occasionally rears mosquitoes for studies involving dengue virus. Sandra is an amateur entomologist, a dedicated napper, and an avid consumer of frozen treats. She has been a part of MAS since her sophomore year and enjoys the opportunity to support La Casa’s burgeoning STEM community! If you have any questions regarding MAS,

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