Yalies en las Ciencias!


This Friday December 4th, Math and Science Familias welcomes everyone to the first annual La Casa Undergraduate STEM Symposium! Five undergraduates will be presenting their research from 5 pm to 6 pm and receiving feedback from professors in their fields. Following their presentations will be a La Casa dinner discussion on the experiences, successes, and challenges of minority students in the STEM Fields featuring Dean Hashimoto, Dean of Science Education at Yale. Come celebrate the accomplishment of Yale Latinos in the STEM fields, learn about the latest scientific research, and enjoy tacos from the Long Wharf Food truck, Ixtapa!

Here are our amazing presenters:
Ivette Lopez (TC ’16) Geology & Geophysics
Juan Aragon (BK) Geology & Geophysics
Juan Bravo (SM ’16) Mollecular, Celluar and Developmental Biology
Paige Curtis (PC ’16) Enviornmental Studies
Analisse Marquez (JE ’16) Chemical Engineering


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