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I am currently an undergraduate student of economics at Harvard University applying to doctoral programs. My concentration is in economics with a secondary in government. I anticipate graduation in May 2022.


This past summer, I completed original independent research on the effects that fiscal education policy has on student academic success. I additionally attended Yale College as a visiting student for the Summer 2021 term while simultaneously enrolled enrolled in my full-time program at Harvard.


Outside of school, I serve on the board of directors at a technology startup, My Electric Guys, based in Saint Louis, Missouri. I co-founded this company in 2020. I also volunteer part time with CovEducation, an online education startup, where I tutor middle school students in Mathematics and Writing.


Upon my graduation in May 2022, I look forward to continuing my education by pursuing my PhD. I plan to continue to research the economics of upward mobility and the critical role that public policy plays in potential upward mobility. I have previously conducted research in this field and I look forward to both contributing new knowledge to this field as well as deepening my personal understanding.


Citizenship: U.S.A.

Political Affiliation: Independent

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