Goals & General Guidelines


Telecollaboration refers to the use of digital communication to promote learning through social interaction and collaboration. I find exciting that some of the learning takes place beyond the physical boundaries of our classroom, and therefore students have some autonomy, and take more control of their learning process.

Specifically, there will be a series of five video interactions with a conversational partner who is located in Lima, Peru. This person will be a native speaker of Spanish, and a college student like yourself. These interactions are opportunities to practice your speaking skills, as well as to experience intercultural exchanges with a native of Peru. After each session students will complete a follow-up activity. I hope these social interactions and follow-up tasks are good learning tools for all participants! And finally, one very important thing —enjoy the experience!


1. Sessions: October 6, 13, and 27, and November 3 and 10. The video platform to be used is Zoom.

2. Dynamics:

  • How are sessions scheduled? Yale students should schedule their sessions in consultation with their conversational partner via email. Class time on asynchronous days is reserved for this activity, but sessions can take place at other times on Wednesdays, provided that this is more convenient for both students.
  • How long are these conversations? These linguistic exchanges English-Spanish should run for about 30 minutes (or longer if both students agree) allowing for both speakers to converse an equal amount of time. Half the time the conversation should be in English (~15 min.) and the other half in Spanish (~15 min.)
  • How do I prepare? Make sure to read the information for each session beforehand. These guidelines will be available on the YaleCampus Press site “Telecolaboración entre Yale-PUCP”, and also posted on Canvas.
  • After each conversation, students should complete a written task related to the exchange. All five conversations must be video-recorded on Zoom and uploaded on Canvas on the day of the exchange. These recordings won’t be shared. For the submission, you could use the Media Library tool on Canvas in the rich content editor to upload and embed your video. https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Submit-an-Assignment-in-Canvas-as-a-Student