Conversación 1 (6 de octubre)

Tema: Presentaciones e información básica.

How do I prepare?

a. Before. Before engaging in the conversation, reflect on the following: How will I address my conversational partner? As tú or usted? How will I introduce myself, can I spell my name in Spanish? What do I want to know about my partner? (e.g. name, origin, classes, family, likes and dislikes, how does the pandemic impact the life of PUCP students?…) How do I ask my partner to repeat something or to speak slower? What can I tell about myself?

b. During. Take notes! List the words or phrases learned that were handy in the conversation and other that your partner used and that you would like to use in the future What did your partner say that you did not understand?

c. After (Canvas Discussions). Write two entries on Canvas Discussion reflecting on your experience (Después de mi primera conversación estoy.. Mi experiencia es… porque… Antes de la conversación 2 voy a…) Based on what you have learned about your partner, how similar or different is he/she compare to you? Are your lives very different at this point? (Mi compañero/a es… y yo también / pero yo no…). What can you do before the next conversation so that it goes even better?

First entry: before 8:00 pm.

Second entry: after 8:00 pm. You may comment on a post by a peer (Yo estoy de acuerdo=I agree… Es verdad que es una experiencia… Me gusta hablar en inglés con… etc.)

RECORDING. For the submission on Canvas, you could use the Media Library tool in the rich content editor to upload and embed your video.