Quicksearch ingest activity for July and August

Now that the daily Quicksearch ingest audit has been up and running for several weeks, we have data to share! These statistics demonstrate not only the volume of records going into Quicksearch, but also the work that Yale and Law Library staff put into creating, editing, and managing records in Orbis and Morris. The count of records added to Quicksearch includes all records that were created, loaded, updated, or unsuppressed during this time period.

And now, the numbers:

From Orbis, 99,271 records were added to Quicksearch in July, and 89,486 in August. July saw 357 records failing ingest due to MARC errors (usually an empty subfield or rogue delimiter lurking somewhere), 77 of which were corrected by Catalog & Metadata Services staff. The remainder are preliminary order records that will be updated when the item is received, or records that triggered an error on multiple occasions. August’s error count was 107, of which 40 were corrected. The deletions for July were 2,540, with 1,779 records deleted in August.

From Morris, July’s additions numbered 6,944, with 224 deletions. The August counts were 17,829 records added, and 111 deleted. For both months Law maintained a clean slate with no errors logged.

Grand totals: 106,215 new or updated records in Quicksearch in July, and 107,315 more in August.

ETA: These monthly statistics are derived from a daily audit of Quicksearch loads, so if the same record is updated in Orbis or Morris several times over multiple days, each day on which it has new changes triggers re-ingest into Quicksearch and adds one to the tally.

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