A Quick Guide to Features in Quicksearch beta

There are several new features in Quicksearch that you might want to take a closer look at. These include:

– A search for “resnik justice‘ Quicksearch main page brings up the book by Judith Resnik in the Catalogs search and related articles in the Articles+ search:
Quicksearch beta screenshot


Search criteria “breadcrumbs” appear at the top of your results, making it easier to remember the criteria and facets you’ve used:

Quicksearch beta screenshot


Facets are easily applied and easily removed:

Quicksearch screenshot


Facets can be toggled as inclusive or exclusive (e.g. “Is” this or “Is Not” this):

Quicksearch screenshot


– Searches can be converted into RSS:

Quicksearch screenshot


This is just a short list… What Quicksearch beta features have you found to be useful or interesting? Let us know via the feedback form!


More information and tips on Quicksearch beta features and functionality to come!


The Quicksearch Implementation team

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One thought on “A Quick Guide to Features in Quicksearch beta”

  1. I’m duplicating the search in both Chrome and Firefox. I’m using:

    This guide looks great, except the images are kind of tiny. I cannot quite make out what should be appearing on the images, until I actually reproduce the search in a browser. I performed this task easily, but I’m wondering if someone else might squint, key a couple of things, and give up. What do you think?

    The system is kind of slow today, probably because of the server issues. The response time is painful. I love the toggle feature under format!

    I will continue to play with this new tool!

    I’m very glad to see the timeline.

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