Yale ITS Moving Drupal to the Cloud

On Tuesday, February 16, Yale ITS created a test instance of the Library’s Drupal website in the new Acquia cloud environment.  Library IT will have two months to test the site’s content, performance, and robustness.  If all the tests go well, the Library’s Drupal website will move to the Acquia cloud at the end of the test period.

The Acquia cloud is a new cloud-based computing platform that Yale ITS is using to relieve some of its dependence on locally-hosted architecture.  Yale ITS has told Library IT that the Acquia-hosted Drupal site will be faster, more responsive, and more robust than the current locally-hosted Drupal site.

Quicksearch Live on the Library Front Door

Quicksearch is now the default search on the Library Front Door!

The unified search and discovery tool is now available as part of a new search box re-design at http://web.library.yale.edu.  Although Quicksearch is the default search, links to Orbis, Morris, and Articles+ are still prominent on the page.

In addition to going live on the Front Door, Quicksearch has an exciting new feature.  It is now possible to place Orbis, Morris, Scan and Deliver, and Aeon requests directly within the Quicksearch interface!  Request links for these individual services are available below the holdings location and call number information in individual title pages.  For an example, see http://search.library.yale.edu/catalog/8518891.

The roll out of Quicksearch on the front door represents a major milestone in the Quicksearch project.  Many thanks to everyone who has participated in the project to date, as part of a task force, testing group, implementation team, or by providing comments and feedback!