Voyager Update

Yale University Library completed the upgrade of its Voyager Integrated Library System (ILS) from 8.1 to 10.0 over winter break with great success!

The project team updated over 300 workstations with the Voyager 10 clients. Interlibrary loan services, including Borrow Direct, as well as general circulation and operations were up and running by the 3rd of January- one day after Library staff came back from Winter Recess.

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Voyager Update: Module Testing Results

As you may know, Yale University Library is upgrading its Voyager Integrated Library System (ILS) from 8.1 to 10.0 this coming month. The upgrade from Voyager 8.1 to 10.0 introduces new features and fixes in all modules and will enable the reevaluation of workflows across units to realize the benefits of the newer software version. A great deal of planning and effort has gone into this upgrade to insure the smooth transition to Voyager 10.0 over the semester break. 
The Voyager ILS comprises three primary modules: acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation. The system also contains a public user interface known as the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).  Additionally, there are tools and modules used by specific staff within the library for specific administrative functions, inlcuding system administration and bulk data processing. The Voyager Upgrade team is working to test each module for new features and to confirm uninterrupted workflow.
The Voyager Upgrade site is the place to find out about project announcements and project development.  You can also subscribe to get Voyager updates in your inbox.  There are two new Voyager Upgrade Blog posts. The first post is about Cataloging and Authorities Testing Results by Patricia Thurston, Voyager User Group Chair and Cataloging Testing Group Lead. The post details the collaborative work the Cataloging & Authorities testers did with the Acquisitions Testing Group, to insure our current workflows could continue. They tested the cataloging module under the assumption of keeping current workflows, until after implementation. Voyager 10 has significant enhancements that can be explored later. Read more about results of their work.
The second post is about the Acquisitions Module Testing Results by Diane Napert, Acquisitions Testing Group Lead. The post chronicles the work the Acquisitions Testing Group did to verify current workflows with the acquisitions module. They discovered two bugs and some missing workflow settings in the test version of Voyager 10. Read more about the results of their work.

Please feel free to reach out via email directly to Patricia Thurston, Voyager User Group Chair,  at  or  Steelsen Smith, Project Manager for Upgrade, at with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Announcing the Voyager 10.0 Upgrade

The Voyager User Group and Library IT, are planning to move Yale University Library to Voyager 10.0 in December 2017.  The software vendor, Ex Libris, released Voyager 10 this past May. Ex Libris will still assist us with system outages, bugs, and other issues as they arise. To ensure the upgrade will be as seamless as possible, the upgrade is targeted to happen during the Winter Recess. The goal is to have everyone upgraded to Voyager 10 within a day of returning to work in 2018.

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