LibGuides 2 check-in

The LibGuides 2 implementation project has moved out of the planning phase.  The LibGuides 2 implementation group has approved documentation for the upcoming LibGuides 2 upgrade, including:

  • A LibGuides best practices document that has gone to CRSC for vetting;
  • A communications plan;
  • LibGuide review instructions;
  • Technical documentation; and
  • A LibGuides styleguide that will also go to CRSC for vetting.

The LibGuides 2 implementation group is now meeting with YUL departments to inform LibGuide authors about the project and the work that LibGuide authors will need to do for the project to be successful.  The LibGuides 2 Road Show, as it’s called internally, will run until April 15.

Many thanks and burnt offerings to Sarah Tudesco who has put together a Google Analytics statistics dashboard for LibGuide authors to use when they review their guides.  The use of the dashboard is explained in the LibGuide review instructions and requires no knowledge of Google Analytics.

The LibGuide review instructions will be released to LibGuide authors in April. For an extremely brief overview of the roadmap for the LibGuides 2 upgrade, check out

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

Update on Office 2013 targeted deployment at YUL

The IT Infrastructure & Client Services unit is currently working with the Endpoint Engineering group at Yale ITS to begin automatically deploying Office 2013 to select Library workstations.

To date, about 60% of YUL staff systems have been upgraded to Office 2013. Overnight Monday Dec. 1st into Tuesday Dec. 2nd, we will be deploying to another large group, essentially everyone else except the Arts Library, Drama Library, LSF and OHAM. Those areas will be addressed later in December.

Next week systems in CSSSI, Divinity, Medical Library, the Music Library and various collection areas in SML will receive their upgrades.

Additionally, you can further prepare for the upgrade by viewing the online videos available to the Yale community by visiting and watching Office 2013 New Features. We also encourage you to check out the Office 2013 Quick Start Guides.

Click here for the previous announcement about the Office 2013 deployment.