Quicksearch beta: Priority Issues to resolve for Soft Roll out

Priority Issues to resolve for Soft Roll out

A small group met this week consisting of Public Services staff and Library IT staff to identify the high priority issues that need to be resolved before we can release Quicksearch Beta for evaluation by students and faculty.

It was generally agreed that we need to put the word ‘Beta’ in as many places as possible, so it’s clear to users that this is a very early version of the interface, and not a finished product.

The specific issues that were identified as requirements for the soft rollout included:

  • Addressing the insertion of the phrase¬† ‘|DELIM|’ between subfields in the uniform title (240) field display
  • The Articles+ lack of a pre-limit to Yale-only materials
  • The sublineal dot is appearing as a box in some instances – this might affect French, Turkish, South East Asian languages, and more
  • Item Status isn’t accurate, esp. for Patron status messages – items with a status ‘on Arts New Book Shelf’ display as ‘Unavailable’
  • Link directly to the current record in Morris from the item detail page, instead of going to the Morris home page

These are our priorities for the next two weeks.  Right now our goal is to resolve these issues and do a soft release of Quicksearch Beta the first week in November.