Service Disruptions: Special Collections management, Findit sign on and more

UPDATE: The service disruptions, which ended up being campus-wide, have been resolved. Thank you for your patience as Library IT and Yale ITS worked to diagnose and resolve these issues!


We are experiencing some disruptions related to authentication in the following services:

Special Collections at Yale (Beinecke and MSSA Aeon queues)
FindIt (Digital Collections search)
BorrowDirect sign-on
ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)
Campuspress (Yale blogging platform)
E-resource authentication pages

Other applications that may be using the Shibboleth authentication service

Library IT is aware of the issue and is looking into the cause. We will keep you updated on the status of these services and let you know when they are restored.


Until then, Library IT staff will also provide status updates to this list as necessary.  You can also monitor status availability in real time here:



Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


-Library IT Staff

Service interruption for several library systems – possibly network related


You may have seen an email from Len Peters just now, reporting that the campus network issues are resolved. Library IT can confirm that some Library services are still experiencing a disruption. This includes but is not necessarily limited to Orbis and Findit. Now that email is working more reliably, we will notify Yulib with updates as we receive them.


A note: when campus email services are disrupted, Library IT will continue to communicate service updates on our blog (, our Twitter account (@yalelibraryIT) and in some instances, with a notice on the library front door ( Please check these places for updates if email is not working or slow.


You can also check systems statuses at the Library here:


and at central ITS here:


Thank you for your patience and for reporting all the outages!



Several Yale Library services, as well as some campus-wide services, have been interrupted since yesterday afternoon. ITS is investigating these issues. It is possible that campus network problems may be the root cause.

Some of the affected services include but are not limited to:

  • email, including mailman listservs and alias emails
  • Voyager/Orbis
  • Findit

Library IT is actively monitoring this situation and will supply updates as we receive them. ITS has informed Library IT that a Yale alert will go out about these issues shortly. Please check this site, as well as the LIT Twitter account (@yalelibraryIT) for more updates. There will also be a notice posted to the front door.

Thank you for your patience as ITS works to resolve this issue.

Service interruption for BorrowDirect, Sharepoint and more


Library IT is pleased to report that BorrowDirect access is returning for users on and off campus, but the change may take effect over several hours. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with BorrowDirect tonight or over the weekend. Additional updates:

•         SharePoint ( will be unavailable over the weekend. Library IT will update again on Monday with more information on SharePoint. A big thank you goes out to our SharePoint stakeholders who got in touch with us; your input was extremely helpful. At this time, Library staff do not need to take any actions with SharePoint.

•         LIT will address other smaller systems and services living on this server after SharePoint has been restored properly.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns- we again thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.

To report problems or ask a question about this or any of our other services, please fill out a problem report, or send email to


Thank you very much for your continued patience as we work to address the issues regarding and

Library IT has assessed the impact to library services and systems and come up with a plan to maintain or restore those services after this server goes offline:

1)    BorrowDirect:
Our first priority is to maintain access to Borrow Direct.

2)    SharePoint:
Following that, we are working to ensure continued access to SharePoint. Cindy Greenspun will be reaching out to major SharePoint stakeholders; please get in touch with her ASAP if your department uses SharePoint as a part of its daily work.

3)    LIT will address other smaller systems and services living on this server after these two major services are restored properly.

Once again, if a service or system you use is accessible through a URL that starts with or, it is safe to assume it will be unavailable. Please email to confirm if you are unsure.


There has recently been a security issue on one of our servers ( that will result in Central ITS taking it offline sometime today. This means that the following two major services will be unavailable:

BorrowDirect (

Sharepoint (

Additionally, many smaller services and systems hosted on will also be unavailable. If a service or system you use is accessible through a URL that starts with, it is safe to assume it will be unavailable. Please email to confirm if you are unsure.


We do not yet have an estimate on when services will be restored. Library IT will follow up with an estimate as soon as possible.