Quicksearch beta Quick Tip–Format Facets

Often searches in the catalogs bring back a lot of material, and you might only want certain types, for example only online material (or books, or only journals). In Quicksearch beta these are both examples of format facets.

It only takes a few seconds to limit a search to a type of format. For example, limit a large number of results for the search ‘diabetes’ to only find digital or online material.

  • Do your search, and then go into only Books+. Do that using the Books+ link on the left side or the link for ‘see all 3,558 results.’

all books



  • In the resulting display, look on the left under the Format facet for the value ‘Online.’



  • Select Online, and only digital material will be displayed. You can also select Journals & Newspapers, and only online journals will be displayed. The final screen shot shows how a large search has been limited to far few items. To remove the limits, just click on the X next to the format. 


facets used 

The search results are now a more narrowly focused group of 132 records for online journals or newspapers held at either the Yale University Library or the Yale Law Library.

Quicksearch beta Quick Tip–Limit to a Library Location

Quicksearch exposes library content with facets. They make it easier than ever to explore library metadata about authors, book locations, formats, and subjects. For example, it is easy to find items in a specific library, for example the Music Library.

Do a search in Books+ and look on the left under Location.

loc facet





To see all the locations for this search, click on the + to expand the list. Music Library is one of the options displayed.










Select Music Library, and only those items held in the Yale Music Library will be listed.



Quicksearch beta Quick Tip- How to see all of Orbis or Morris with 2 clicks!

Another nice feature of Quicksearch beta is the ability to see the entire Orbis, Morris, or combined catalogs at a glance. The Quicksearch beta Books+ search uses what’s called a SOLR index, which allows for wider and faster keyword and indexed searches. This is what enables us to see all of our catalog quickly.

In the screencast below, watch as I call back all of Orbis and Morris together in under 3 seconds (after hitting the search    button):


Quicksearch beta Quick Tip–Using Subject Facets

The Subject facet is a great way to explore search results in various topics. Now you can also combine subjects in different ways using the facet connectors ‘Any of’ and ‘All of.’

To see Subject facets you need to either be in Books+ or Articles+.

Here is an example.

  • In Books+ do a search for ‘measles.’
  • Find the Subject facet on the left. Open the facet and select some subject headings for: Vaccination, Communicable Disease Control and Prevention.

all of


  • Once these are selected you’ll see the subjects listed at the top of the page. With these three subjects your search is now very narrow, with only 2 results. 

all of


You can change this to a wider search by flipping the Change the All Of indicator to Any of. This will make the search broader, picking up more records. 

any of