Update: Service Disruption Notification

Library IT trialled a fully automated disruption notification service from December 2014 through February 2015. Shortly thereafter we asked staff to participate in a short survey to evaluate the trial and found that the majority of survey respondents indicated a desire to see the service continue as an opt-in offering.

For those that provided feedback we thank you very much for your participation and helpful comments. We are pleased to announce that the disruption notification opt-in service is now available to all. Please take a moment and join the new opt-in mailing list at the following address: http://web.library.yale.edu/lit/email-alerts

If you are a supervisor or department head interested in registering your entire group, or you would like to recommend the monitoring of other public services, please coordinate with Cindy Greenspun (cindy.greenspun@yale.edu) in Library IT.  Please route all other questions or comments to Ray Frohlich (raymond.frohlich@yale.edu).

LibraryIT acquires New Relic performance management service

LibraryIT recently purchased a license for the performance management and monitoring service New Relic. We will be using the New Relic APM-Application Performance Management application to monitor and improve performance of the new Hydra/Blacklight complex (aka Findit and Quicksearch beta).  This is a SaaS, cloud-based service for monitoring applications and their underlying infrastructure as well as the programs themselves.

New Relic does do some usage monitoring, much in the vein of Google Analytics, but the particulars of installation and setup of this service will allow the Information Architecture Group in LibraryIT and others to specifically target performance issues like page loads and search result returns. New Relic will be a great help in assessing the health and responsiveness of the critical servers, applications and  which run the Library’s key services.