Results of the 2014 Library IT Satisfaction Survey

In Fall 2014 162 library staff members took the time to complete a survey asking them to rate the Library IT group and how it has performed on some of our major projects and services during the year.

You can see all the results (except comments) here.

The survey looks at overall perception of how Library IT performed over the year, and how well it did in specific areas such as communication, which we’ve tried to make a priority (hence this blog for example). We’ve already made some decisions based on survey results about communication. Because the LIT newsletter was judged the most popular form of communication, we are committing to repurposing blog posts in the newsletter and publishing it every two weeks via YULIB.

We also definitely saw a desire for more chances to communicate with or to LIT as well and we are working on ways to do that. We will start to hold annual Tech Talks for all major projects and services. Talks will be a half hour of background, developments and plans for changes, and then a second half hour for questions, ideas and discussion from all staff. This idea came from Enterprise Systems staff, but it seems to be such a good idea that the rest of LIT is adopting it.

There was also feedback on specific projects in the survey, and LIT staff are taking a very close look at these and thinking about places where we should make adjustments in our work. As LIT staff continue to meet and discuss the survey findings we’ll post ideas and action items with the survey results. You’ll see the first example of this with the results for the Web Migration, where we’ve started to list what we think about the results of the survey and how we want to use the results to improve our work.

Please take some time to look at the results, but also, and more importantly, continue to send us ideas and feedback so that we can make LIT work well for the library and its patrons.

LIT 2014 Satisfaction Survey



Sharepoint 365 Task Force meeting notes from 10/21/2014

The Sharepoint 365 Task Force, chaired by IT Infrastructure & Client Services manager Greg Blasko, met for the second time on October 21st. The task force discussed potential approaches in successfully configuring and migrating to Microsoft’s Sharepoint 365 content management and collaboration software from the existing Sharepoint sites around the Library.

Ultimately, and guided by information from Adam Sharani who spoke about the Beinecke Library’s implementation of Sharepoint as an internal, staff collaboration platform, the task force decided to begin the information gathering phase of this project this way:

1) Create and send a survey to existing Sharepoint power users in the Library.

2) Schedule drop in sessions and site visits around the Library to assess existing  functionality that will need to migrate to Sharepoint 365 (this will be led by Jenn Nolte and Cindy Greenspun).

3) Using an existing list of services and tools used by Library staff, assess what functionality currently used in Sharepoint sites can be better served by other services and tools aside from Sharepoint.

The group will meet again in  early November. Please email the task force members if you have any questions, and watch for a power user survey and drop-in sessions to be announced in the next few months!

Task Force Members:

Greg Blasko, Library IT (chair)
Kristin Bodgan, CSSSI
Jerry Anne Dickel, Tech Services
Cindy Greenspun, Access Services
Christine McCarthy, Preservation
Jenn Nolte, Library IT
Adam Sharani, Beinecke