LEC Prioritization of Library IT Projects Explained

In feedback provided to Library IT, many staff have shown an interest in learning more about how the Library Executive Committee (LEC) prioritizes the projects undertaken by the Library. The LEC is the senior leadership forum, which focuses on issues concerning policies, strategic and financial planning, staffing, and resource allocation. The LEC meets weekly to discuss these topics. The committee consists of eleven permanent members and four rotating members who serve for a 12- to 18-month period. All members can vote on the prioritization of projects.  A full listing of current LEC members is available here .  

The Genesis of the List

Before Dale Hendrickson arrived and Michael Bell was the interim director of Library IT, Bell initiated the prioritization process for all Library IT projects to both optimize limited IT resources and ensure alignment to the goals of Yale University Library.  This process continues to be used today to prioritize projects within Library IT and for Yale University Library.


Project Charters

Clients approach Library IT with prospective new work or a new project through a variety of means. This often occurs through requests from committees or user groups, direct conversations with Library IT staff, or from a request submitted through our ticketing system.  Depending on the nature of the request, Library IT may work with the client to create a Project Charter detailing the scope and technical requirements required to complete the proposed work. Projects that are estimated to exceed 40 hours of Library IT time must go to the LEC for approval and prioritization.



Library staff has a finite amount of resources, LEC wants to use these resources for the greatest impact for all of Yale University Library. Prioritizing the list is not just for Library IT’s benefit but also allows for other business units to prepare for new work.

The associate university librarian (AUL), who has the most direct relationship to a project, presents to the LEC about the project’s scope and impact. This allows the respective business units to share with the LEC the business unit’s goals and strategic plans.


Projects Under 40 Hours

For work that is estimated to take less than 40 hours, Library IT staff will work with stakeholders to schedule and coordinate the work.  There are the occasions in which a project is estimated to take less than 40 hours, but can balloon in effort due to the unexpected or a change in the project.  In this rare occurrence, work will pause, and the project may be brought to LEC for consideration.


Library Project Review Committee

Library staff can also go to the Library Project Review Committee (LPRC). The LPRC is responsible for providing support to Library staff with ideas for projects, ranging from small pilots to the first step in applying for a major grant.   LPRC provides staff with opportunities to assess and incubate project ideas, as well as learn about the Library’s project review process.  Library IT staff actively serve on this committee and will work with staff to determine the amount of Library IT effort required for their project.


LPRC formally reviews all Library project proposals on a quarterly basis. LPRC will make a recommendation regarding each proposal, having vetted the assumptions, resource needs, and scope. These recommendations will be reported to the Library Executive Committee (LEC) with LEC making the final determination on all proposals. The LPRC meets quarterly, and is chaired by Ruthann McTyre.  Ruthann can be emailed at ruthann.mctyre@yale.edu.



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