Affected Servers by Security Patches

This coming Wednesday morning on, April, 18,  Library IT  will be applying patches to two servers to address security issues.  As a result, there will be service offerings that will become unavailable intermittently.  Please see the list below for details.  
Please monitor your email for announcements that the patch has been completed and that services won’t be interrupted.   
Servers: libsvcs-db-1.library.yale.internal and libsvcs-1.library.yale.internal
When: April 18 at 8.30am to 12noon
What is being done?: ITS needs to apply some patches to these servers to address some security issues
What does mean to me?: The servers that run databases and the following applications will be intermittently available or may see some connection failures during this timeframe.  Please coordinate your schedule as needed.
Why are these servers not available?:  There are some critical security issues that ITS needs to resolve on these servers as a result of a Security Design Review (SDR). 
What services run on these servers?
  • Production SSRS: SQL server reporting services
  • Access Services workflows such as their Claims Returned form, issuance of NonYale Patron Netids, Scan & Delivery services
  • Some parts of Beinecke Digital Collections might not be available: This searchable database offers thousands of partial and fully digitized items from a wide range of materials from the Beinecke’s collections: photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, artwork, objects, illustrations, and selected pages from printed works. 
  • Beinecke Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts: This searchable database provides access to descriptions of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts based largely on the Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, edited by Barbara Shailor et al.
  • Carycards: Beinecke’s collection of playing cards, card sheets, wood blocks, metal plates, ephemera, and prints.
  • Papyrus: Beinecke’s collection of ancient papyrus.
  • Beinecke’s Password admin and patrontracking forms.
  • Beinecke’s Uncataloged Search database
  • Beinecke’s Ductus catalog
  • Beinecke’s Saul Steinberg Images Collection
  • World War I Posters Collection catalog
  • Particular reports used by LSF staff such as LSF Reports, LSF barcode tracker, LSF reporting tools
  • Single Sign On (SSO) to services
  • CAS authentication
  • Aeon
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