February Tech Talks

At the February Tech Talks, the Collections, Preservation, and Digital Scholarship division is teaming up with Library IT to bring you a discussion of HathiTrust.

HathiTrust, which includes the HathiTrust Research Center, is a library partnership providing access and services for the largest collection of digitized books stewarded by a non-profit organization. For more information you can go to: https://www.hathitrust.org.

Save the date and come to the Tech Talks on February 21 to learn how YUL and the Yale community contributes to and benefits from HathiTrust.

February 21st at 3-4 pm Bass L01 AB

We have the following topics:

  • HaithTrust overview and shared print initiative (Daniel Dollar)
  • HaithTrust Research Center (Douglas Duhaime)
  • Metadata (Youn Noh)
  • Preservation and uploading content to HathiTrust (Robert Klingenberger)

If you have any suggestions for topics or any ways to improve the Tech Talk experience, please email lise.gazzillo@yale.edu.

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