ArchivesSpace Public User Interface (PUI) Workgroup

Yale will be soon upgrading the production ArchivesSpace PUI to version 2.2.0, creating the foundation for the migration from YFAD to the Public User Interface. The ArchivesSpace PUI (public user interface) blog keeps staff informed of the significant work the project team and its work groups are doing.

The blog has two new posts this month. Christy Tomecek, Project Archivist, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Manuscripts & Archives and Alicia Detelich, archivist at Manuscripts & Archives, are co-leaders of the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface (PUI) implementation project’s Data Cleanup and Enhancements Workgroup. Their post “Cleaning Data to Enhance Access and Standardize User Experience, Part I: Planning and Prioritization” details the planning efforts their work group developed to determine prioritization of tasks.

Chrsity Tomecek authored an additional post, “Movin Around with Reorder Mode in Archives Space 2.2.0″, focusing on a particular feature of the new interface: Reorder Mode. If you want to get a head start on learning how this feature works in version 2.2.0, you can try it out in the test instance of the ArchivesSpace PUI, which has already been upgraded. See Christy’s post for links to the test instance.

For more information about the ArchivesSpace project, visit the YAMS LibGuide or the ArchivesSpace blog. 


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